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Decent Exposure: How To Make Your Bridal Shop Appealing To Modest Brides

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Getting married is often a once-in-a-lifetime event, so every bride wants to make sure that she looks her best. Some brides prefer to look beautiful while covered on their wedding day, due to their personal desires. If you want to give your bridal shop like Bridal Elegance a niche appeal, wedding dresses that are traditional and modest are a good start. To appeal to brides who are looking for modest wedding apparel, here are some items to put in stock. 

Carry sleeved wedding gowns

One of the biggest trends for western brides are sleeveless wedding gowns, therefore, most bridal shops will carry these styles. Brides who believe in modest dressing will prefer to wear a gown that has sleeves. It is a good idea to carry gowns that have cap sleeves to long sleeves so that each bride can select the level of coverage that she prefers. Keep every style of gown, including A-line, mermaid, ball gown, and more. Keep in mind that sleeves will often have to be tailored, so your bridal store should have a seamstress to be able to make changes as needed.

Stock unique veils

Some conservative brides are likely to come from religious or cultural backgrounds that encourage the use of a veil during the wedding ceremony. For this reason, you should carry a large stock of veils that will go with a number of gown styles and fabrics. Some will prefer a light, lace veil as a complement over their dress, while other brides may want a long veil that acts as a train for their dress. Encourage brides to try on the veils with their dress to make sure that the weight and the fit are fine for walking down the aisle.

Supply conservative bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids will often accompany the bride to try on her dress. In order to give your bridal store a leg up in the business, carry conservative bridesmaid dresses as well. Dresses with sleeves and full-length options will appeal to the bride and her friends. Sometimes, brides will allow bridesmaids to pick their own dress style, as long as the dress is the appropriate color. For this reason, you should have dresses with different bust-line styles and different hems to appeal to each bridesmaid's personality. The more color options you offer in each dress style, the higher your chance of being able to dress the full bridal party.