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The Best Things To Bring To Someone Who Lost A Loved One

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When you hear that someone you care about has lost a family member, you may wonder what you should do. There are always flowers, cards, and other items that you can send to the facility handing the funeral services. But, there are things that the family needs that they may not think to ask for. This guide provides a few ideas of items to take to your friend in their time of need.

Grab-and-Eat Food

When people are grieving, they often neglect their own needs and do not have their usual appetite. Additionally, they are spending time planning the funeral services, so even if they are hungry, they won't have the time or energy to actually cook.

One way you can immediately provide practical help is to bring foods that will not easily spoil and that do not require any cooking or heavy prep work.

Many other people are likely doing this as well. The home may be filled with comforting carbs such as pastries, bagels and pastas. The bereaved will likely appreciate having some healthy food choices such as:

  • salads
  • pre-made sandwiches
  • fully cooked and sliced meats

Beverages and Ice

Typically, many visitors come by to check on their friend or loved one, and the bereaved family does not have time to prepare their home. Bringing over some drinks and bagged ice will help entertain the guests and give the family one less thing to be concerned about.

Some drinks to consider include:

  • coffee (with cream and sugar)
  • teas (hot and cold)
  • soda
  • bottled water

Paper Goods

If you bring beverages, ice, or food, the guests will need some place to put them. Many people bring food, but not everyone thinks of the practical things such as plastic cups, paper napkins, bowls or plates, or plastic utensils.

Any amount will help, but remember the larger the family or more well known the deceased was, the more paper goods will be used. Additionally, consider a package of toilet paper. If there are a lot of people in the home, bringing toilet paper is something that the bereaved can appreciate.

Your Love and Support

As a friend, this is one of the times you will feel so helpless because there is nothing you can do or say to change the situation. You may feel like you don't know what to say and that is okay. Your friend will do much better with a listening ear and shoulder to cry on instead of clichés and poor advice. Feed off of your friend's moods since there will be times they want to cry and other times they may want to talk about fun memories and laugh.

Be present and show your love and support during this time when your friend is making arrangements for the funeral services. By thinking of the smaller, practical things, you'll be better able to help during this time, so that when they are with the funeral director, everything they need at home is taken care of.

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