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How To Help Children Connect To Their Relatives In An Assisted Living

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If you have a relative who is in an assisted living facility, you want to make sure that you include them in your family life. One major part of your family life is your children. Here are some tips for making sure that your children connect with any relatives that you might have that are in assisted living facilities.

1. Visit

The easiest thing that you can do to make sure that your children stay connected is to visit. If you have very young children, you might be worried about upsetting the other residents if the children start to cry. Bring a wide variety of toys to keep your children entertained while you converse with your relative. Simply having your children grow up around the assisted living facility will make them more comfortable in the building so that they can more directly participate in conversations with their relative. If you have older children, bring something that you can all do together with your older relative. If your relative loves bridge or some other game, teach your children the rules ahead of time and play the game with your relative. Bring adult coloring books and a wide variety of coloring utensils so that your kids and your relative can simply relax and color together while talking. Have your kids bring their report cards or a recent project that they are super proud of to show your relative. All of this will help your children interact with your relative and make sure that he or she is part of your family's life.

2. Video Chat

Another option, if your children have already gone to college, is to help your relative navigate the technology that is necessary for video chatting. This will allow your children to talk to your relative in the assisted living facility without having to physically be there. This will also help your relative to stay up to speed about everything that your child is doing while at college. Being able to see your child's face will make the resident in the assisted living facility feel much more connected. Bring a laptop and print out the instructions, including which buttons to press, so that your relative can reproduce the actions and video chat with your child without your assistance. 

3. Pen Pals

Finally, encourage your children to write letters to your relative in the assisted living facility if they are too young to video chat for extended periods of time. Many children love the idea of a pen pal and getting mail. This is a great way to satisfy that love while still keeping your child connected.

For more information, contact an assisted living center, such as the Wedgewood Estates.